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Thoughtworks Arts Artists Recognized for Work with BCIs

Newsletter sent on Wednesday, 30 May 2018
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Art-A-Hack project Dual Brains by Eva Lee and Aaron Trocola, and Noor: A Brain Opera by Thoughtworks Director Ellen Pearlman were highlighted in a Redshift article exploring the use of brain-computer interface technology (BCI) in art.

A 3D representation of a custom BCI
3D rendering of the headsets used in Dual Brains

BCIs enable a communication pathway between a wired brain and an external sensor device. Artists like Lee, Trocola and Pearlman are using this emergent brainwave technology to create new artistic experiences and are currently leading the charge in exploring potential applications of the technology.

Karen Palmer: The Film That Watches You Back

TED recently posted past-resident Karen Palmer discussing her immersive, emotionally-responsive film, RIOT.

Karen Palnmer on stage
Karen Palmer’s TED Residency Talk

In this talk, Karen discusses her inspiration to create RIOT, the final development stages of the film, and how she utilized her residency at Thoughtworks to help democratize the AI used in her project. Karen completed a TED Residency while also at Thoughtworks.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg Premiers New Work

Past resident Heather Dewey-Hagborg recently released a new video piece T3511, looking at critical issues around the impact of biotechnology and DNA privacy. The work premiered at MU artspace in The Netherlands.

Heather Dewey-Hagborg working with test tubes
Still from T3511

T3511 is a post-genomic love story and experimental documentary 4-channel video installation. It tells the (mostly) true tale of a biohacker who becomes increasingly obsessed with an anonymous donor whose saliva she purchases online.

Ellen Pearlman at the 2018 HYBRID LABS Symposium

Thoughtworks Arts Director Ellen Pearlman is on The International Scientific Board for the 2018 HYBRID LABS Symposium at Aalto University in Finland. This is the 3rd edition of the Renewable Futures conference that aims to challenge the future of knowledge creation through art and science, taking place from May 30th to June 1st, 2018.

A foot covered in electronics
Ellen worked with Cyborg Artist Moon Ribas to prototype a new sensor implant in her foot

During the symposium Ellen will be presenting on “The World’s First Co-Lab On Developing Cyborg Arts – Interdisciplinary Collaboration Using Art-A- Hack™ Practice Methodology.” The conference is also part of Leonardo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration with Roger Malina.

Updates from Art-A-Hack™ Alumni

Lisa Russell joined 8 other artists and entrepreneurs on a Willie Nelson tour bus with the BLK SHP Foundation to tour across America and meet with innovative organizations and individuals focused on STEM.

Sophi Kravitz, Supplyframe Director of Product at Hackaday, is encouraging you to apply to the 2018 Hackaday Prize. The Hackaday Prize is giving away $1000 to 20 robotics projects and $50k to one amazing hardware innovation. If you have a robotics project, new or old, enter it before June 4th to be part of the Robotics Module Challenge. Enter and see current submissions here!

Mark Ramos participated in Plexus Projects’ Creative Tech Week Exhibition, Future Artifact. The show featured short videos and animations representing a variety of technologies including computer-generated animation, data-driven imaging, 3D scanning, custom software and animated GIF’s.

Directors and Alumni News


Gene Kogan (Art-A-Hack Alum)
Postcards From the Future
Of Course
May 24 - June 18, 2018
Shanghai, China

Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Past Resident)
Geometric Intimacy
May 11 - July 8, 2018
Conference: June 28, 2018
MU artspace
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The Future Starts Here
May 12 - November 12, 2018
Conference: June 29, 2018
The V&A Museum
London, England

May 3 - June 18, 2018
Wei-Ling Contemporary
Kuala Lampur, Malaysia

Daejeon Biennale
July 16 - October 24, 2018
Daejeon Museum of Art
Daejon, Korea

Probably Chelsea
August 17 - September 30, 2018
Kunsthall 3.14
Bergen, Norway


Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Past Resident)
Heather Dewey-Hagborg Imagines How Our Biodata Could be Hacked
Creative Capital

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