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Discussing the Residency on dotNYC with Jeff Jarvis

Andrew McWilliams
Posted by Andrew McWilliams
Wednesday, 25 May 2016

We had a spot on Jeff Jarvis’s new web TV show this week, dotNYC, along with Christina Warren and other guests.

It gave us an opportunity to talk about the residency and why we are running it, as well as allowing our first residents, the Cyborg Foundation, to talk about their plans.

At the beginning we talk through the idea of arts practice as technology research, and how it represents an alternative to problem-solving. Our first residents, the Cyborg Foundation then discuss the senses they have already developed, and the senses they intend to develop during the residency.

Our segment was at the top of the show. You can watch us on the recording above, which is archived on YouTube.

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