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Presenting Our Art & Technology Projects at TEDxVilnius

Andrew McWilliams
Posted by Andrew McWilliams
Wednesday, 13 September 2017

I was pleased to be asked to present our work at a recent TEDx event in Lithuania. The video has just been posted online.

My talk looks at how technology can be used as an artistic medium to explore the future. It covers topics of trans-humanism and cyborgism, genetic privacy, brain surveillance and climate change.

In the talk I begin by explaining my practice, and how during 2016 I went from looking at biometrics and health towards looking at our perceptions of global warming.

Following on from that I explain my partnership with Ellen Pearlman, and the programs we continue to run together, such as the Hardware Hack Lab, Art-A-Hack, and the Thoughtworks Arts Residency.

A woman with a brain interface headset moves amongst audience members
Excerpt from ‘Noor: A Brain Opera’ in Hong Kong

I go on to describe Ellen’s work on brain-computer interfaces, and her ground-breaking performative piece ‘Noor’ from 2016, which was the world’s first brainwave opera.

Finally, I describe how these events led us led to create the residency program, and talk about the projects we have been able to incubate. I talk about the Cyborg Foundation and the new senses they have created, and Heather Dewey-Hagborg and her project to bring genetic technology developments to wider audiences.

I’m delighted to have had the opportunity to present such a broad sweep to a general audience under the TEDx umbrella.

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