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Welcoming Hannes Bend to the Thoughtworks Arts Residency

Posted by the Thoughtworks Arts Team
Friday, 10 February 2017

Our latest artist-in-residence, hannes bend, has started with us on the Arts Residency program this week.

hannes bend

hannes recently created one of the first Virtual Reality programs with heart-rate biofeedback in collaboration with Neuroscience and Quantum Physics Alemán Lab, University of Oregon.

This video shows the prototype, named mYndful, in action.

hannes practice centers around merging the insights from creative and contemplative practices, technology and science. He has presented, published, researched and exhibited projects internationally at museums, conferences and institutions, and guided breathing, yoga and meditation sessions globally.

During his residency at Thoughtworks, hannes intends to extend the range of biosensors which can be used in the VR environment, and to develop the user experience of the program towards an aim of increasing personal awareness and mindfulness.

We are looking forward to working with hannes on the realization of this exciting project.

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