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Time Sense

Project Summary: Summer 2016

Project Team

Time Sense is a wearable sensory headband which allows the wearer to feel the passing of the 24-hour clock around the circumference of the head. As the day progresses, a tiny heat sensation passes the length of the headband.

Neil wearing the Time Sense
Neil wearing the Time Sense

This device is an example of an ‘exosense’, an external sensory organ. This means it is designed to be worn and felt consistently, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The constant stream of sensations will allow Neil to develop a new form of instinctual relationship with the time of the day.

Further, the Time Sense wearable prototype allows artist Neil Harbisson and the team to learn and reflect about how the sense might operate as a permanent implant. This is similar to the process behind Neil’s existing permanent implant, an antenna which allows him to perceive color as sound, which was also prefigured by a wearable prototype.