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How Art and Technology Predict the Future

Newsletter sent on Tuesday, 17 October 2017
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Over the summer, Director Andy McWilliams spoke at TEDxVilnius, and shared different examples of how artists are using art practice and technology as a mechanism to explore emergent futures.

Andrew McWilliams speaking on a large stage
Director Andrew McWilliams at TEDx

“Sometimes looking into the future can be scary, because by definition it is unknown. But with art and technology, we can tell real stories about what is coming, and bring these issues into the light.”

To watch and listen, click here. For more, he also blogged about the experience here.

Virtualities and Realities

Residency Director Ellen Pearlman will Co-Chair and will be a keynote speaker at the Virtualities and Realities OpenFields Conference being held at The Art Academy of Latvia and the Latvian National Museum of Art October 19-21.

Attendees will be discussing how immersive technologies coupled with virtual environments, artificial intelligence algorithms, faster processors, and biometrics are launching a new era in virtual experiences. Yet, these technologies have the potential for implementing new invasive monitoring and control system.

Residency Program News

Sadah Espii Proctor, an Art-A-Hack alum, has received a New Inc residency and scholarship.

Past resident Heather Dewey-Hagborg’s work is on view in two group exhibitions Big Bang Data, at MIT, October 10, 2017 through March 30, 2018, and Postnature at Etopia, Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain, September 21, 2017 through January 10, 2018.

RIOT 2, by current Resident Karen Palmer is included in The Future of Storytelling Festival. At Snug Harbor, Staten Island Cultural Center, October 6–8 and she will be speaking at there at the accompanying Future of Storytelling Summit. Karen is also a current TED resident!

Past resident and cyborg Moon Ribas had two new sensors, partially developed while at Thoughtworks, implanted in her feet to feel moonquakes. An interview of her, Artist Moon Ribas translates Earth’s movement into art, appears in Lifestyle.

Two feet with stitches on the legs
Past Thoughtworks Arts Resident Moon Ribas shortly after receiving earthquake sensor implants in her feet

An interview of Director Ellen Pearlman appears in WomenCinemakers, an annual magazine offering readers insight into the work of emerging women directors, producers and writers from around the world, and she participated in the closing panel of Jump into VR Fest.

Director Andrew McWilliams will be showing work at the Creative Climate Awards in New York City, October 16 - November 16, 2017.

Past resident hannes bend is participating in Peace Boat NYC, a floating festival of sustainability on October 15, 2017.

Art-A-Hack alum Mark Ramos showed his work at Future Robot in New York.

Neil showing his headband
Neil Harbisson gets a good fit

An interview, I am a Cyborg and I Have Nature at Heart, of past resident, Neil Harbisson appears in Lifegate.

Art-A-Hack alum Maria Mishurenko has been accepted into the Master’s program at Tisch School of the Arts and gave a talk at Eyeo Festival.

Art-A-Hack alums Kate Sicchio, Gene Kogan, and Gordy Cherney all presented at Eyeo Festival 2017.

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