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Andrew McWilliams Shares Our Work at San Francisco Tech Ethics Seminar

Posted by the Thoughtworks Arts Team
Wednesday, 4 December 2019

As a guest of the tech ethics summit All Tech Is Human in San Francisco, program director Andrew McWilliams spoke recently about projects incubated by Thoughtworks Arts.

Andrew McWilliams speaks on Thoughtworks Arts

The talk centers on example projects which help to illustrate the mission of Thoughtworks Arts, and its role in incubating research projects into emerging technologies, driven specifically by artistic inquiry.

Projects discussed included RIOT, an emotionally-driven film by artist Karen Palmer, and Suppressed Images, a project which explores genetic data and its misuse. The talk also looks in detail at the work of cyborg artist Neil Harbisson, one of Thoughtworks Arts initial residency projects. This project exemplifies the idea of artistic inquiry exposing new worldviews on emerging tech.

All Tech Is Human is an “accelerator for tech change”. Their mission is to: “speed up the process of progress by bringing together multiple stakeholders, promoting knowledge-sharing & collaboration, and developing an essential hub for the tech change ecosystem. All Tech Is Human acts as a catalyst & connector for tech change, uniting the private & public sectors, informing policymakers, media, & technologists, and allowing for greater participation by the general public.”

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