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Scatter is an Emmy-award winning creative company based in Brooklyn, New York. Scatter’s mission is to revolutionize how content is produced and viewed across the entertainment industry. Known for leading work in immersive entertainment, Scatter has pioneered new ways of telling stories in visual effects, virtual and augmented reality alike. This new way of making content is called Volumetric Filmmaking.

Volumetric Filmmaking allows us to combine the narrative power of filmmaking with game-engine interactivity. Volumetric Filmmaking allows us to capture real people, real stories and real places, and inviting audiences inside the virtual worlds where the story takes place.

Scatter’s first product Depthkit is a software solution that enables content creators to make volumetric video in immersive experiences, visual effects, and holographic displays.

Depthkit has been the key ingredient in all forms of content - from Hollywood motion pictures, documentaries by Academy-award winning directors, and countless premieres at independent festivals including Sundance and Tribeca. It has been used to create interactive augmented reality experiences for premier acts such as U2 and Eminem at major stadium concerts. Behind the scenes, it’s used by the biggest brands in video production and immersive entertainment including Disney, Technicolor, Framestore and HBO.