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Rashin Fahandej Awarded Volumetric Filmmaking Residency

Posted by the Thoughtworks Arts Team
Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Thoughtworks Arts Residency, in conjunction with Scatter, is pleased to announce that Rashin Fahandej as been awarded our Volumetric Filmmaking Residency to expand her project A Father’s Lullaby.

Rashin Fahandej
Rashin Fahandej standing in front of A Father’s Lullaby

A Father’s Lullaby is a multi-platform, community engaged interactive work that highlights the role of men in raising children and their absence due to the racial disparities in the criminal justice system with its direct impact on children, women and lower income communities.

The project is centered on marginalized voices of absent fathers, while inviting all men to participate by singing lullabies and sharing memories of childhood. A Father’s Lullaby is a “Poetic Cyber Movement for Social Justice,” where art and technology mobilizes a plethora of voices to ignite a more inclusive dialogue to effect social change.

Explored through the space of love and intimacy, the project is being developed with community members as creative collaborators.

A Father’s Lullaby - a sample video

Rashin Fahandej will explore volumetric filmmaking using Depthkit, expanding her practice, and enhancing possibilities for visual poetry. She will be in residence at Thoughtworks Arts from June 10 to September 27, 2019, and her project is slated to be shown at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Boston, MA.

Scatter is an Emmy Award-winning creative company defining the emerging discipline of volumetric filmmaking. Scatter creates original volumetric film productions and AR/VR creativity tools. Scatter’s first product, Depthkit, is the most widely used toolkit for accessible volumetric video capture.

Rashin Fahandej, Iranian-American multimedia artist and filmmaker arts practice centers on personal histories, marginalized voices, and the role of media, technology, and public collaboration in generating social change. Her work, solo and collaborative, has been exhibited locally and internationally at numerous venues and engage a variety of social, political and cultural issues through conceptual, psychological as well as aesthetic explorations. She is currently a research fellow at MIT Open Documentary Lab and visiting faculty at Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

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