ThoughtWorks Arts

Each of the programs and projects incubated at ThoughtWorks Arts are staffed and supported by a wide range of technical and creative practitioners. In addition, our work is guided and influenced by a partner network and employees across the commercial ThoughtWorks organization.

The team below connect and coordinate these operations, enabling project production, research and artistic collaborations to take place.

Andrew McWilliams

Program Director

Andrew McWilliams is a New York-based artist, technologist and program director. He is a Director of ThoughtWorks Arts, and a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Andrew has exhibited work at HarvestWorks New York, Currents New Mexico, and AlphaVille Festival in London. He is Director of Art-A-Hack™ and the Hardware Hack Lab.

Ellen Pearlman

Program Director

Dr. Ellen Pearlman is a new media artist, curator writer and critic. A Fulbright World Learning Specialist in Art, New Media and Technology, she received a prestigious European Union Vertigo STARTS Laureate Award to develop her new AI Brain Opera, based on the work of her first brain Opera “Noor”, an interactive immersive performance in a 360° theater. Ellen is on faculty at Parsons/New School University, and Senior Assistant Research Professor at RISEBA University in Riga, Latvia, and a contributing editor to Performance Arts Journal (MIT Press). She is also President of Art-A-Hack™ and Director of the Volumetric Society of New York.

Julien Deswaef

European Operations

Julien Deswaef is a digital artist, designer and developer based in Barcelona. Active both in visual arts and in free, libre and open source software movement, Julien regularly collaborates on art, and technology music projects. Julien is a member of NYCmesh, co-creator of the Open Source Design NYC chapter, and an organizer of the Libre Graphics Meeting.

Paige King

Media Strategist

Paige King is an artist based in Brooklyn, New York, and an exhibition and media strategist working internationally with art and technology organizations. Paige has helped organize public programming at Goldsmiths University in London, Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, CYFEST in New York, USA, St. Petersburg, Russia, and Venice, Italy, during the Venice Biennale.