Thoughtworks Arts

Harvestworks, Thoughtworks Arts, and Art-A-Hack™ team up for SPRING/BREAK Art Show exhibition “Thoughtworks Stranger Than Life Hacks”

Exhibit features new artworks in Immersive Media, VR, Digital Storytelling, AI and Bio-art

Harvestworks in collaboration with Thoughtworks Arts and Art-A-Hack have teamed up to stage Thoughtworks Stranger Than Life Hacks, a special projects exhibition for the 7th annual SPRING/BREAK Art Show at 4 Times Square March 6 - 12, 2018 including a special opening night VIP event March 6, 5pm - 9pm. Entrance is at 140 W. 43rd Street.

The exhibition features artists working at the nexus of art and new technology and includes sculpture, installations, VR and other immersive media. Curator Lee Tusman has assembled an exhibition of artists working with biometrics, Artificial intelligence (AI), digital storytelling, genetics, Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for empathy and surveillance, and other emerging technologies.

SPRING/BREAK Art Show is open to the general public from March 7 - March 12. Purchase tickets here:

Harvestworks and Thoughtworks Arts have a shared mission to support the creation of artwork through collaborations between artists, makers, technologists, and scientists. This show is a representation of some of the people and projects that have been fostered over the past four years of the Thoughtworks Arts programs. Some of these works are critical, challenging us to consider the rise of ubiquitous technology that has hypersatured and affected our reality today. Other works are speculative or playful with artists using technology to propose examples of our own near future reality. “These artists work with technologies that show the tipping point of innovation set to socially transform our world over the next 25-30 years” says Thoughtworks Arts Director Ellen Pearlman. “We are at the beginning of a frontier of a merging of art and technology. Artists in their own way have always led innovation through a critical lens,” says Curator Lee Tusman.

The exhibit presents the artists Eva Lee and Aaron Trocola, Javier Molina and David Gochfeld; Heather Dewey-Hagborg, Shoili Kanungo and Iliya Fridman in a collaboration with Chelsea Manning; hannes bend and Lewey Geselowitz, Annie Berman, Karen Palmer, Sofy Yuditskaya, Andrew McWilliams, and Ellen Pearlman.