About the program

The ThoughtWorks Arts Residency supports artists exploring new lines of inquiry intersecting technology and society.

The aim of this program is to facilitate dialog, partnership and collaboration at the intersection of technology and exploratory arts. By focusing on this synthesis, the program aims to empower resident artists to make work which inspires shifts in perspective and debate.

How it works

Artists are invited spend 16 weeks in residence in New York, at ThoughtWorks, a global technology consultancy. During their stay, artists receive a regular stipend and project production support from a global network of analysts, designers, developers and other experts in the company.

ThoughtWorks runs the residency out of an desire to openly experiment, collaborate and share ideas with those asking hard questions about emerging technologies. Therefore, artists own all physical and intellectual property generated during their stay.

The residency team

Andrew McWilliams

Andrew McWilliams is a New York-based artist, technologist and program director. He is Director of the ThoughtWorks Arts Residency and a Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks. Andrew has exhibited work at HarvestWorks New York, Currents New Mexico, and AlphaVille Festival in London. He is Director of Art-A-Hack™ and the Hardware Hack Lab.

Ellen Pearlman

Ellen Pearlman is a new media artist, curator, writer and critic. She received her PhD from the School of Creative Media, Hong Kong City University, where she premiered her brain opera "Noor", an interactive immersive performance in a 360° theater. Ellen is on the faculty of Parsons/New School University, Director of the Volumetric Society of New York, and President of Art-A-Hack™.


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