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New Trajectories in Volumetric Filmmaking with Scatter

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Thoughtworks Arts in collaboration with groundbreaking film studio Scatter teamed up on March 16-17 to run a free community workshop for 24 participants. Together, they taught artists, technologists, designers and filmmakers the newest version of the Depthkit technology.

Jillian Morrow of Scatter
Jillian Morrow of Scatter providing an introduction to workshop participants

Scatter, a Brooklyn-based creative company, produces immersive experiences, provides tools and training, and empowers creators using volumetric filmmaking techniques.Workshop attendees came from Toronto, Philadelphia and the greater New York metropolitan area to disseminate what they learned back to their respective communities. Weekly Support will be ongoing for learning and experimenting with Depthkit at Hardware Hack Lab held in conjunction with the Volumetric Society.

Thoughtworks Arts Announces Volumetric Filmmaking Residency

Thoughtworks Arts, in partnership with Scatter, has published an Open Call for a funded artist residency focusing on depth technology in New York City over the summer. Applications are open until April 25th.

The workshop flyer

We seek artists to explore approaches around, but not limited to:

  • Interactivity
  • Mixed reality
  • Hyperreality
  • Multi-user interaction
  • Telepresence
  • Live-streaming

To apply for this residency please read the Open Call and use the form provided.

Ellen Pearlman, Thoughtworks Arts Director, Named EU Vertigo STARTS Laureate

The STARTS resodency flyer
Brain computer interface performers on STARTS residencies

Ellen Pearlman has been named a 2019 Vertigo STARTS Laureate. The Vertigo project is a Coordination and Support Action supported by the Horizon 2020 Program of the European Commission. Announced during STARTS Residency Days at the Pompidou Art Center in Paris, Vertigo is designed to bring innovation and sustainability to the nexus of technology, science and the arts to Europe. Ellen’s residency will be based in Estonia at the Human Computer Interaction Lab at Tallinn University, where she will be researching and prototyping a new emotionally intelligent, artificially intelligent brain computer interface opera called “AIBO”.

News From Past Thoughtworks Arts Residents

Moon Ribas will be a juror for this year’s Prix Ars Electronica.

hannes bend launched, which was presented as a first prototype at TransTech Conference, and will demo at Collision Conference where the project was selected from a competitive pool. The project was also mentioned in a recent Forbes article. hannes is part of a team which recently created a healthcare AR project at MIT.

Andy McWilliams with past resident Heather Dewey-Hagborg
Thoughtworks Arts Director Andy McWilliams with past resident Heather Dewey-Hagborg at the opening of Refiguring The Future in New York City

Heather Dewey-Hagborg co-curated Refiguring The Future, a politically engaged exhibition focusing on inclusion, and how the intersection of art, science and technology is an explicitly key force in radical change. This was REFRESH’s inaugural exhibition, which received a Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation grant.

Catie Cuan gave a TED Talk on Teaching Robots How to Dance.

Updates from Art-A-Hack™ Alumni

Zach Krall debuted his live-code music performance at Hex90, LiveCodeNYC and TOPLAP.

Tyler Parker had a debut as a tenor in Frederick Fleet in The Village Light Opera Group presents: TITANIC the Musical!

Rena Anakwe presents The Cosmology Of Water, an interactive performance, during her residency at Issue Project Room.

Sharon de la Cruz was a guest speaker and educator at Processing Community Day at Medios Interactivos USFQ.

Filip Baba is running a community XR jam on April 26 at RLab, a warehouse-sized venue which is the first city-funded VR/AR center in the country.

Updates from Volumetric Society Speakers

De Kai has been named to Google’s external AI Advisory Council, an advisory group which helps “advance the responsible development of AI”.

Tobias Gremmler is creating visuals for Bjork’s Cornucopia at the Shed, set to debut May 6 at 7pm.


Heather Dewey-Hagborg (Past Resident) SPIRIT MOLECULE Lifespace Science Art Research Gallery, University of Dundee Dundee, Scotland


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