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Please note that the application period for this panel has now closed.

Public voting is underway on panels for SXSW 2021, which this time will be a fully online livestreamed event due to the ongoing pandemic. You can show support for bringing Thoughtworks Arts and Art-A-Hack to SXSW 2021 by voting now.

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About the panel

Our proposed panel is "Take Back the Net (Work): Lockdown = Innovation". This panel will explore amazing work incubated over six weeks this summer by newly-formed international teams of artists, performers and technologists during COVID-19 lockdown.

Watch Recordings of DANCEDEMIC Performances

These teams, working across India, Brazil, Estonia, the US and UK, integrated live biometrics into audio-visual livestream performances as part of the 39th annual Battery Dance Festival. This enabled two immigrant dancers now in the US to express their stories of adversity and empowerment through digitally augmented live performances.

In this way, restrictions surrounding COVID-19 lockdown became the catalyst for global collaborations between artists and indie organizations.

The panel will feature a dancer from Iraqi Kurdistan, an Estonian engineer pioneering innovative streaming technology, a US-based program director, and a technical producer, all of whom were members of of the “DANCEDEMIC” team who produced this pioneering work.

Team members working with dancers
Teams work remotely with dancers in the studio

The panel will explore challenges of global remote collaborations, networks as products and solutions, expanding the virtual body via biometrics, the democratization of streaming production and how it fostered a model for artistic and cultural engagement in the 2020s and beyond.

How to Vote

Voting is easy and can be done in a few short steps:

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  3. Lastly, leave a message in the comments section at the bottom, explaining why you want to support our proposed panel

The teams who assembled these incredible projects in just a few short weeks will be grateful for your support, as it will enable them to spread their stories far and wide.