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A.I. Resident (TWA'17) Karen Palmer Exhibits Perception iO at Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC

Posted by the ThoughtWorks Arts Team
Thursday, 3 October 2019

Artist Karen Palmer (TWA’17) who works in facial recognition and AI is exhibiting her recent project Perception iO at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in NYC Sept. 20, 2019 - May 17, 2020

Cooper Hewitt Design Museum
An installation shot of Karen Palmer’s emotional detection video at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum.

Perception iO is a facial emotion detection and eye tracking immersive film. Over the summer Karen teamed up with a dedicated team of programmers at ThoughtWorks to develop Perception iO, and to integrate the Tobii Pro eye gazing hardware into her installation.

Emilio Escobedo drawing on a whiteboard
Emilio Escobedo, a ThoughtWorks team member, developing the emotional recognition framework for Perception iO.

The project explores the intersection of AI, neuroscience, behavioral psychology, film, facial emotion detection, eye tracking, bias, and social justice. The immersive storytelling experience reveals how a person’s gaze and emotions influence their perception of reality. Participants are invited to analyze the data they calibrate in their mind to become aware of their subconscious behavior, implicit bias’ and the bias’ of AI networks.

Perception iO

Perception iO is an evolution of RIOT, the project Karen developed during her residency at ThoughtWorks.

Karen Palmer is a London-based digital filmmaker, whose immersive films combine the genres of film, gaming, art, science and technology. She speaks about her emotionally responsive film experiences at the intersection of AI, Immersive Storytelling, Neuroscience, Consciousness and Implicit Bias. Past topics include:- AI Voyage: Can Conscious Storytelling Save Us? Implicit bias. Democratising AI. The Future of Storytelling. How Art & Tech have the power to change your Cognitive Behaviour. How Storytelling effects the reality narrative.

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